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Our History

Rose City BBQ sauce is made by Steve Goodwin and family. He grew up in the livestock business, and for years he made it for hog roast parties of his own and for family, friends, and neighbors. They all loved it and told him he should be selling it, so he decided to market the BBQ sauce. After years of refinement, the recipe is ready for market. All of the licenses and UPC symbol are in place.


Rose City Bar B-Cue is located in Rose City, Minnesota. This company is created by and operated by Steve Goodwin along with his daughter and manager, Tania Ruckheim. This company had its official start in January of 2002; however, Steve has been making the BBQ Sauce for over 30 years. Rose City BBQ sauces are found in approximately 70 local grocery stores and dining establishments. We have two distributors and continue to look for opportunities to expand our product.